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Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday
Your surname sounds like a holiday
But I doubt very much that your life has always been a picnic
Balancing 2 careers as a singer and film star is a pretty neat trick
Johnny Hallyday: You were great in “The Man On The Train”
You deserve your place in rock ‘n’ roll’s hall of fame
You are an inspiration
A credit to your nation
Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday
Some would say you’ve had your day
But they would be oh so wrong
for you still breathe new life into classic songs
I’m sure you’ll go down a storm at The Royal Albert Hall
For let it not be said that you never gave it your all
Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday
Maybe one day they’ll write a play…about you
To be shown in London’s West End or on Broadway
The one and only Johnny Hallyday
A survivor to this very day
Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday…