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Killer Disease


Killer disease, killer disease
It has come from overseas
Worse than cancer, worse even than AIDS
worse than syphilis and the bubonic plague
Worse than leukaemia and swine flu
But don’t panic, the scientist will know what to do
The scientist has the talent to cure the disease we all despise
But you’d better hurry up Mr. Scientist, for in India, they’re dropping like flies
I’m sure mankind can cope
‘Cause there’s always hope

The World and Jilly


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In the Amazon, trees, they keep fellin’
and Jilly Cooper’s shit books keep sellin’
Nations keep marchin’ off to war
and Jilly Cooper’s shit books sell more
Swine flu pandemic and famine…a blight on the world’s health
meanwhile Jilly Cooper’s shit books are flyin’ off the shelf
So much sufferin’ in the world. In India the lepers plight ignored
But you can always read a Jilly Cooper novel, if you want to be bored
need I say more