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Rottweiler Smile


Her looks were nothing to write home about
Looked like she’d been in a 10 round bout…with Mike Tyson
She had no dress sense or sense of style
stank of booze and a Rottweiler smile!
The seductive powers of Medusa!
Carniverous and a cocaine abuser!
The runt of the litter
with the ethics of Hitler!
Owned a caravan in Tottenham
and a council flat in Tiger Bay
Had an Osmonds CD too
Her mad persona always got in the way
on a crash collision course with his
and she never would mind her own business
He gave her a present, a “Venus Fly Trap!”
for all the countless hours she’d bored him with her crap!
So he dumped her for a beautiful stranger
much better sex and a lot less danger!