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Elizabeth 1st


elizabethfirstElizabeth 1st: A monarch of no compassion
She had her own sister locked up in prison
When she wasn’t starting wars with Spain
Hers was a truly awful reign!

The Life of Brian


Brian May is a rock guitarist
and an astrophysicist
Brian May has wild grey bushy hair
and he’s campaigning for badgers everywhere
3 cheers for this senior citizen
and rock ‘n’ roll veteran
He wrote “We Will Rock You”
and “Fat Bottomed Girls” too…

Le Velo (The Bicycle)


How I hate pushin’ a bike up a hill
‘Though cyclin’ down is such a thrill
Just as long as the brakes don’t fail!
I used to enjoy ridin’ my bike through the countryside
Where the roads could be narrow or extremely wide
and a lot less traffic, than in the big cities
and you might pass female cyclists, so pretty
Dismount, approach her and talk
Then find yourself going for a walk
in a secluded wood
where you’d get up to no good
Or have a roll in the haystack
Drinkin’ the “Scrumpy Jack”
that she had in her basket perched on the handlebars
and feast on all the contents, cheese, baguette, chocolate bars
Then you can help her fix her chain
and wave goodbye as she cycles off in the rain
You could listen to the classic “Bicycle Race” by Queen
Or watch “Le Tour De France” on the big screen
in a bar in Paris

Or you could sit in your lounge with a DVD
Of the 50s classic “The Bicycle Thieves”
Back in the days when cinema was golden
‘Though it may be painful, if you’ve had a bike stolen!…