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Art is the New Rock ‘n’ Roll



From Pollock, to Lichenstein, to Warhol
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll
From Beryl Cook to Bridget Riley
So get yourself along to a gallery
”Banksy” is the new Gene Vincent
Art is now, It’s never been more relevant
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll
Art is magic. It’s good for the soul
From Bauhaus to Dadaism
Cubism and Surrealism
Pound for pound our old friend Pablo Picasso
was just as influential as Hendrix, don’t you know
Art my friend, is the new rock ‘n’ roll
Art is brilliant. It’s good for the soul
From comic strip art
to urban graffiti
Art is where it’s at
Enjoy it in a gallery
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll
Art is magic. It’s good for the soul
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll…

The Last Picasso


The last Picasso went for a song: “Money, Money, Money”
If it wasn’t so heartbreaking, I’m sure it would be funny
As for me, I’m a struggling artist
can’t even afford to go out and get pissed
Picasso painted the matadors
The victorious ones and those not so lucky!
and stood up to the Nazis. Boy, that’s plucky
Takes real courage. (Dutch, that is!)
I heard he left it all to his mistress!

They used to say about Da Vinci: His art’s in the right place
i.e Le Louvre in Paris, in a bulletproof case
Pablo was even more famous, than the man who invented the parachute
made a fortune while still alive, as others before him died destitute.

From the father of cubism to Damien Hirst
But Pablo was the one who did it all first
So won’t you join me in a toast
to Pablo Picasso’s ghost
as he haunts art critics everywhere
not that I could really care
cause I can always escape
with my heavy metal tapes

The last Picasso
Heading for Tate Britain…in an aeroplane
to be stared at
by prats, sheltering from the rain

It’s the bitterest pill
that his landscape of Seville
warrants more attention
than any N.H.S hospital I dare to mention
Factory worker’s plight or war widow’s pension
Still, that’s life!

The Artist


Copyright to iloveoilpaintings.com

He paints the sky, he paints the sea
He does portraits of girls, so pretty
He works in oils, pastels and charcoal
He stares at the image and captures its soul
You never really understood…
His rebellious nature and how oh! so good…
his pictures really are
You admired them from afar
You may even be tempted to buy one…
of his acrylic paintings of France in the sun
and put it on your mantlepiece
or wrap it up, a present for your niece
You really dug his Surrealist phase
You really wish you had his ways
In the gallery
you ambled free…amazed by his cubism, the vibrant red
But like most artists, he’ll only be appreciated when he’s dead!

Fallin’ in Love (With Paris Again)


Copyright to projectvisual.net

I’m walkin’ by the Seine
and fallin’ in love again…with Paris
Day or nighttime Paris is so pretty
Paris, my friend, is my favourite city
I’m walkin’ by the Seine
Not even mindin’ the rain
(cause I’m in Paris)

It’s so cold but I don’t give a damn
Outside a cafe enjoying a croissant with jam
Then later a bookshop or two
Sacre Coeur, take in the view
I don’t need cocaine
cause I’m fallin’ in love again…with this majestic city of romance

Mademoiselle would you care to dance
I’m fallin’ in love again
with Paris as I stroll along the Seine
and I haven’t even been to the Champs Elysee yet
or paid a visit to Galerie Lafayette
To think some people need nicotine
or some other drug to break up their drab routine
But I’m in Paris and that’s such a great scene
Fallin’ in love again with musee Picasso
It’s such a long time since I’ve been there you know
and great art deserves a second look
mesmerised by my Paris travel guide book
I don’t need L.S.D
cause I’m livin’ my fantasy
fallin’ in love with Paris
Fallin’ in love with Paris…again

Graham’s LSD Trip


Copyright to Filmonic.com

Some men like to put up shelves
I’d rather put up elves
They make you toast but take up more space
I don’t like trolls though,they’re an ugly race!
I met Karl Marx once…didn’t like his beard
And thought some of his views rather weird
He liked me though.
I kipped on Picasso’s sofa in downtown Bilbao
While he made passionate love to Dali’s wife
Then Dali burst in and slashed his painting with a knife
So I left in a hurry
Met a killer in a marketplace in Tripoli
He was buying flowers and herbal tea!
I thought this is surreal
Then there was my encounter with “The Mad Hatter”
He poured me some tea that fucked up my bladder
(Ugh! Dormouse flavour)
Woke up next morning in a drunken state
I think it was the state of Victoria
I approached a farmer who was shavin’ his sheep
He tried to flog me “Rolf Harris” LPs cheap
But I wasn’t havin’ it
So I drifted off home
via the “Twilight Zone”
And crashed out on my bed.