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The 16th



Paris’s 16th Arrondissement
is expensive-but no disappointment
Yes, the 16th Arrondissement is simply amazing
Amidst the grim reality of London’s East End, I find myself craving…
this corner of France’s capital…par excellence!
The allure of this fine district’s not lost its significance…on me
From “Roland Garros” in Avenue “Gordon Bennet”
to “Fondation Le Corbusier”- who could forget…The 16th Arrondissement
and what about Le Musee Paul Belmondo
The Bois Du Boulogne, best enjoyed walking slow
Back home in Tower Hamlets, things seem bleak
If I could, I would go to Paris next week
and check out the 16th Arrondissement again
A change of scenery is a great way to relieve the pain…
felt inside this hollow shell
Sometimes the East End feels like Hell
I know where I’d love to be right now
find the money to return there somehow

The 16th Arrondissement…I’m already captivated
If I could never go there again, I’d be totally devestated
But that’s unlikely, I have to say
Safe in the knowledge I’ll find my way…
back there someday
The 16th Arrondissement
is expensive, but no disappointment
In fact, it’s quite a revelation
I’d go as far as to say, a sensation
The 16th Arrondissement
The 16th Arrondissement
If you’re looking for a source of inspiration
This corner of Paris in France’s fine nation
The 16th Arrondissement
The 16th Arrondissement…

The Artist in Paris


Sitting on a park bench
in Paris, talking French
to a madameoiselle
who sure looked swell
Dressed real chic, smelling of “Chanel”
He said “Every artist needs a model”
So they went back to her place in the Bastille
and herself, to him, she did reveal
She really liked how he portrayed her on canvas
So he gave the picture to her – for she was a nice lass
Stephanie was her name
He liked playing her game
She ignited in him, a flame
But he ended it all the same
Cause she was way too serious – kept talking about settling down
So he took his easel, paint and brushes and a T.G.V to a southern town

Paris’s Gem


If you’re in Paris, you ought a
visit the Latin Quarter
It’s a truly wonderful place
will put a smile on your face
The beauty of the architecture will make your jaw drop
and you can have a great time in “Croco Disc” CD shop
This district is so photogenic
and so utterly magic-al
I’m sure it won’t be too long
before I’m back there singing your song
A feast for your eyes
A place to romanticise…over
is the Latin Quarter

Marie-Claire and Sylvie


Copyright to parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com

Marie-Claire and Sylvie
were the talk of the town in Normandy.
See there’s more to this region than the Bayeaux tapestry
The delightful sight, day or night, of Marie-Claire and Sylvie.
These two stunning girls
Openly bisexual
Strolling hand in hand through the streets of Rouen
Snoggin’ each other in public in the dusk of Caen
And flirtin’ with the teenage boys in Cherbourg bars
Their sex appeal took them ever so far
Soon Cosmopolitan
did a feature on them
and they made the centre spread of L’Equipe
Pictured with the Tour de France winner, Philippe
on his Peugeot
Their embrace made him glow
Marie-Claire and Sylvie
are extremely sexy
but don’t think for a moment
that they are easy
They just like havin’ fun…in the Normandy winter or the Provence sun

Marie-Claire and Sylvie
just turned 20
who wouldn’t want these beauties…when all’s said
in the back row of the cinema…or in your bed
They turn men and women’s heads
In jumpers and tight jeans or a dress instead
and when it’s really raining
and the dress is clinging…to their bodies
They’d even bring a monk or a nun to their knees
“Father, will you forgive us for our sinful thoughts?”
“For a split second there we imagined the pair on a tennis court”
“Dressed all in white, serving up a smile…
Playin’ with grace, elegance and style”
Marie-Claire and Sylvie
The pride of Normandy
What would happen if they moved to a big city?

They’d take Paris or Marseille by storm
and bikini clad in St. Tropez
Flashin’ cameras would be the norm
As they blow the locals away
Marie-Claire and Sylvie
So sexy, but not easy
They just like havin’ fun
on a rain-soaked Le Havre street
Or designer outfit, complete
in the Cote D’Azur sun
If you try really hard
You can imagine them in a Paris boulevard
or in a gallery cafe dropping their guard
and leavin’ their phone numbers on a card
For an admirer…to savour
Marie-Claire and Sylvie
The pride of Normandy
Such flair, style and elegance for all to see
The sweet and desirable Marie-Claire and Sylvie
Catch them in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon or Loire Valley
The unmistakable Marie-Claire and Sylvie…

The Bastille District


Copyright to paris-hotel-bastille.com

The Bastille District
Oh! How I love The Bastille District
Its sense of history
Its appeal is no mystery
I love the cinema
The bookshops and the Irish bar
The South Korean restaurant
This cultural centre’s got all that I could want
The Bastille, The Bastille
Monsieur, how does it make you feel?
The kind of things it can reveal…The Bastille, The Bastille
I love the 16th Arrondissement
And St. Germaine des pres is no disappointment
Then there’s the Trocadero, Notre Dame and Musee D’Orsay
But when I first went to the Bastille District, it blew me away
The Bastille, The Bastille
Madam, how does it make you feel?
The kind of things it can reveal
The Bastille, The Bastille

I adore The Bastille district in the day – I love it at night
I enjoy The Bastille district so many ways – what a welcome sight….is The Bastille
In the Bastille District I’ve seen girls who were simply stunning
I can see why The Bastille District has such a loyal following
The Bastille, The Bastille
How does it make you feel?
The kind of things it does reveal
The Bastille, the Bastille
I’ve been to some great places in this world
But the Bastille is so utterly magical
For The Bastille District, I really do care
Wonderful, like a chocolate eclair
The Bastille, The Bastille
How does it make you feel?
The kind of things it does reveal
The Bastille, The Bastille…

Fallin’ in Love (With Paris Again)


Copyright to projectvisual.net

I’m walkin’ by the Seine
and fallin’ in love again…with Paris
Day or nighttime Paris is so pretty
Paris, my friend, is my favourite city
I’m walkin’ by the Seine
Not even mindin’ the rain
(cause I’m in Paris)

It’s so cold but I don’t give a damn
Outside a cafe enjoying a croissant with jam
Then later a bookshop or two
Sacre Coeur, take in the view
I don’t need cocaine
cause I’m fallin’ in love again…with this majestic city of romance

Mademoiselle would you care to dance
I’m fallin’ in love again
with Paris as I stroll along the Seine
and I haven’t even been to the Champs Elysee yet
or paid a visit to Galerie Lafayette
To think some people need nicotine
or some other drug to break up their drab routine
But I’m in Paris and that’s such a great scene
Fallin’ in love again with musee Picasso
It’s such a long time since I’ve been there you know
and great art deserves a second look
mesmerised by my Paris travel guide book
I don’t need L.S.D
cause I’m livin’ my fantasy
fallin’ in love with Paris
Fallin’ in love with Paris…again