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In the Metro Today (Wednesday 15th of May 2013)


metroPhotos of Moscow’s Red Square, rather fuzzy
But they were after all taken by a chimpanzee
Going under the hammer at Sotheby’s
70 grand if you want to purchase one
They may not be the standard of David Bailey
But i bet Mikki who took them had some fun
Less than a month after
The disaster in Dhaka
Customers still flock to Primark in their droves
and other English retailers to buy cheap clothes
A career criminal stole a 100 grand worth of jewellery
from the penthouse of Jose Mourinho in Chelsea
What must have been even more galling for “The Special One”
was that the burglar is in fact an Arsenal fan!
In Corfe Castle, Dorset
a day the locals won’t forget
For there ocurred a minor miracle
A 10-tonne steam engine hit a pub wall
after swerving to avoid a vehicle
Yet little damage done to the 16th Century inn
which I have to say is nothing short of amazin’
So that’s the news in The Metro today.



I hate Peckham and Peckham hates me
Cause I’m always slagging it off you see
The whole place is a picture of misery
oh, how I yearn to one day be free
of this south London hell…
Take me back to the streets I know well…
in Weston-Super-Mare
or I’ll top myself, I swear
Cause I really couldn’t care
It’s like some Freddy Kreuger nightmare!