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Is Belgium Really So Bad?


When I was young, I thought Belgium is boring…and why go there anyway?
Unless you want to stand next to cows or photograph monuments all day!
But I have to say, the chocolate shops of Brussels made me glad
So I have to ask, “Is Belgium really so very bad?”
They say that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”
So in Antwerp, they must be really clever
And in Belgium’s defence, I have to say, nowhere there
will you meet someone called Trevor!
To vist Belgium is a chance not to miss
To live in Belgium, sheer bliss
then clear off round the corner to The Jaque Brel museum
And all that beer, easy to be sincere about Belgium
I love Belgium so much one day i went home and painted their flag
And if you hate the rain there, getting soaked in wales, i swear, is a real drag!
The canals of Bruges made me oh! so glad
So, my friend, is Belgium really so bad?
The footballing skills of Enzo Scifo made me so glad
and Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters tennis…so is Belgium so bad?
I recall in my childhood how Tintin comic books made me glad
So I have to challenge the cynics…Is Belgium really so bad?
All that time spent reading art books in London on “Magritte”
and wonderin’ what it was he was tryin’ to say
But technically, I was so impressed
and in Belgium, you don’t see the badly dressed…often
Belgium, oh! Belgium, you really do turn me on
Chereloi, Liege, Ghent and Mechelen, but maybe not Mouscron!
Yes, I have to recall the great times scoffin’ waffles, I’ve had
So, mister, I put it to you, is Belgium really so bad?