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The David Bowie Fan Club


While Ole Solskjaer’s busy, bein’ a supersub
One man just wanted to be in the “Bowie” fanclub
Jock from Dumbarton
who swapped his tartan
for the classic “Ziggy” look
Bought the “Diamond Dogs” tour book
He must have seen “Just a Gigolo” 20 times
Had a pair of platform boots, the most heinous of crimes!
“Bowie” souvenirs adorned the walls of his home
He memorised the lyrics from “Fame” to “The Laughing Gnome”
His uncle set the standard when he scaled “Everest”
But Jock was happy with the “Heroes” tattoo on his chest
Sadly, none of the local girls were a tad impressed
“That’s old hat! It’s the radical age now”
So he ditched his obsession
focused on the recession
and went and bought a plough!