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The Gardener


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The gardener plants his seeds, nurtures them, waters them, watches them grow
Waits patiently as they turn into flowers or potatoes
Weeds, however, are a different kettle of fish
To rid the world of them, would be every gardener’s wish!
If he can keep the cat off his tomato plants
and at the village fete, his melons might stand a chance
Last year, he came second
To Bill Smith, a legend!
Soon he’s able to enjoy the fruits of his labour
He sits down with a bowl of vegetable soup and his neighbour
“Well Joe, that was simply divine!”
“Go down well with a glass of elderflower wine”
“It’s all organic, Fred as well”
“What’s not eaten, I intend to sell…
at the market, for a reasonable price”
“And if the cabbages come through this year, it’ll be nice”
Fred returns home to the “Archers”
Joe’s more than happy with the life of a gardener…