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Livin’ It Up With The Orangemen


Come to the Netherlands and feel alive
Come here and meet the men who are 6 feet 5
Come here and do as you please
Sniff tulips and eat lots of cheese
You can play the Dutch at their own game
But don’t try and pronounce their street names
Come to the Netherlands ’til you’ve had your fill
of cycle lanes, canals and windmills
You can take in some really great art
and most of ’em won’t mind if you fart
cause they’re not the stuffy English
They’re the extremely tolerant Dutch
Tour their country top to bottom, if you wish
and leave thankin’ ’em very much
for their hospitality
and the versatility…
of their architecture, shouldn’t go unnoticed
and you can even try walkin’ in clogs if you’re pissed!
on “Grolsch”, it’s their favourite beer
and please come back again next year.