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The Last Picasso


The last Picasso went for a song: “Money, Money, Money”
If it wasn’t so heartbreaking, I’m sure it would be funny
As for me, I’m a struggling artist
can’t even afford to go out and get pissed
Picasso painted the matadors
The victorious ones and those not so lucky!
and stood up to the Nazis. Boy, that’s plucky
Takes real courage. (Dutch, that is!)
I heard he left it all to his mistress!

They used to say about Da Vinci: His art’s in the right place
i.e Le Louvre in Paris, in a bulletproof case
Pablo was even more famous, than the man who invented the parachute
made a fortune while still alive, as others before him died destitute.

From the father of cubism to Damien Hirst
But Pablo was the one who did it all first
So won’t you join me in a toast
to Pablo Picasso’s ghost
as he haunts art critics everywhere
not that I could really care
cause I can always escape
with my heavy metal tapes

The last Picasso
Heading for Tate Britain…in an aeroplane
to be stared at
by prats, sheltering from the rain

It’s the bitterest pill
that his landscape of Seville
warrants more attention
than any N.H.S hospital I dare to mention
Factory worker’s plight or war widow’s pension
Still, that’s life!