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Getting Battered


Taking quite a battering
in the boxing ring
Sat with your cornerman…waiting for the bell to go
for the next round…it’s a horrible scenario
you’d rather be somewhere else…say at home with a hot cocoa
After another round of punishment
Return to your seat for treatment…on a bloody nose

In the towel goes…”I Surrender”
He’s a real contender
for the world title next year
Whereas you opt for a much safer occupation
A flower shop, stacking roses, boxing carnations…

When Marvin Met His Match


The legend Marvin Hagler
went to Australia
he drove off the beaten track
ended up bein’ shown ’round the Outback
by an Aborigine one hot afternoon
Who told him he’d meet his match soon
In the form of a boxing Kangaroo called Billy
After 5 rounds, he made Marvin look extremely silly
Quite a battering Marvin did take
His cornerman said “Comin’ here was a mistake”
But Marvin, in a moment of clarity
Said “I don’t mind losin’ cause it’s all for charity
“And this is a great country
with fantastic scenery
“And great bars, line up The Castlemaine…
“The great taste of Vegemite, I can’t explain
“But it may be a while ’til I come here again”
As he nurses a cut eye on the Qantas plane…