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Miss Greasy Spoon 1994


Photo from doo-wopdiner.com

Waitresses don’t win beauty contests very often
and I have to say, I think that’s very wrong
‘Cause some of them are sheer stunning and move with such style
They waltz across to your table and serve your beans on toast with a smile
As for “Miss Greasy Spoon 1994”
I noticed you as soon as I walked through the door
You really were the business
and it’s gettin’ close to Christmas
So here’s a 10 quid tip!
“Miss Greasy Spoon 1994″
Your elegant ways, I do adore
I wouldn’t even mind if you tripped
and spilt my cup of tea on the floor
Cause I worship the ground you walk on
I have to say, you really turn me on…”Miss Greasy Spoon 1994”