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Angry, From Basingstoke


Well. I’ll be damned
BBC phone lines jammed
loads and loads of complaints
One man showed no restraint
“I can’t believe the crudeness and vulgarity…
of that joke I just heard on BBC3!”
“And before the 9 o’clock watershed as well!”
“That comedian should be banished to hell!”
“It’s the kind of thing you can get away with in France!..
Or Spain or Holland…but he’s leading us a merry dance”
“In the good conservative town of Basingstoke
“we don’t appreciate that sort of smutty joke!”
“I hate this abuse of the license fee”
“And there will be a strongly worded letter from me”
“To the Head of Light Entertainment at the BBC”
“And one to The Daily Mail”
“right away, without fail”
“Angry, From Basingstoke!”
Then he slammed the phone down.