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The 16th



Paris’s 16th Arrondissement
is expensive-but no disappointment
Yes, the 16th Arrondissement is simply amazing
Amidst the grim reality of London’s East End, I find myself craving…
this corner of France’s capital…par excellence!
The allure of this fine district’s not lost its significance…on me
From “Roland Garros” in Avenue “Gordon Bennet”
to “Fondation Le Corbusier”- who could forget…The 16th Arrondissement
and what about Le Musee Paul Belmondo
The Bois Du Boulogne, best enjoyed walking slow
Back home in Tower Hamlets, things seem bleak
If I could, I would go to Paris next week
and check out the 16th Arrondissement again
A change of scenery is a great way to relieve the pain…
felt inside this hollow shell
Sometimes the East End feels like Hell
I know where I’d love to be right now
find the money to return there somehow

The 16th Arrondissement…I’m already captivated
If I could never go there again, I’d be totally devestated
But that’s unlikely, I have to say
Safe in the knowledge I’ll find my way…
back there someday
The 16th Arrondissement
is expensive, but no disappointment
In fact, it’s quite a revelation
I’d go as far as to say, a sensation
The 16th Arrondissement
The 16th Arrondissement
If you’re looking for a source of inspiration
This corner of Paris in France’s fine nation
The 16th Arrondissement
The 16th Arrondissement…