Viva Espana




The wonderful sound of Spanish classical guitar….

Conjures up images of Bilbao and Malaga….

Toledo and Madrid, Barcelona.

Stunning sunsets and beautiful senoritas.

Gourmet food in some pastel cafe.

The glory of Spain blows me away.


What It Means To Be Queer!!



hunklesbians shower

What it means to be queer.

Check out the venue of  Gay Pride this year.

What it means to be openly bisexual.

Confronted by a gang of 4 skinheads, how awful.

What it means to be a transvestite.

It takes some bottle to go out in a frock at night.

On those hard urban streets.

What it means to be queer.

LIza loves Kelly.She’s hot and sincere.

What it means to be queer…

David Bowie “Diamond Dogs”

What it means to be queer.

Happy New year, Gary gives Kevin a snog.

What it means to be queer….


Corporate Killing Machine



Wanted: Cog in the Corporate Machine.

Killing our hopes and our dreams.

Still we oil the wheels of the corporate machine.

Destruction of the environment.

Those men in grey suits who think they’re important.

However they are somewhat deluded.

In the grand scheme of things free thinkers excluded.

For all that matters to them it seems.

Is the relentless rampage of the corporate machine.

Quick, throw a spanner in the works.

Before the corporate machine goes bezerk.

The corporate machine.

It’s pistons gleam.

The corporate machine…..

Evil Eyes(apologies to the late Ronnie James DIO for the plagiarism)


fritzl's evil eyes

Hide in the midnight.

Turn out the lights, you’ll see them anyway.

Sail into never, they’ll follow wherever you can go.

And take you to the places you don’t know.

It’s the call of the city.

The way that black’s pretty to the purest heart.

It’s places of pleasure.

They promise you treasure if you fly.

And there goes the soul of you and i.

Oh do you ever think about

the way i caught the rainbow.

I’ll be there where fire makes you dance.

I’m gonna give you the look

that opens up the skies.

I’ve got evil eyes.

Hide in the midnight.

Turn out the light, they’ll see you anyway.

Sail into never, they’ll follow wherever you can go.

I’ve got evil eyes…

Short Distance To Love


bus queuedlrcape of good hopethe matterhorn


I don’t want to scale the Matterhorn to get to you.

I’ll just wait at the end of this bus queue.

I don’t want to sail around the Cape of Good Hope.

If the district line’s running on time….I’m sure i

can cope.

And when i make it to your studio flat baby.

We’ll make out on the sofa all night, maybe.

I don’t want to have to fly a hot air balloon…

across Tibet, better yet DLR i’ll be there soon.

And when i get to my baby’s posh flat.

We’ll order 12 inch pizza, but won’t just leave it

at that.

Heavy petting later in the bedroom.

I love the sweet aroma of your perfume.

Next morning wake up.Marmite on toast.

Wave goodbye to the perfect host.

Tomorrow i will be back again.

But i won’t be crash landing on a Ryan air plane.

For, there’s no runway at my girlfriend Jane’s place.

On the underground, a can of beer i found, your

smiling face….

awaits me.Short distance to love.