The Beast From The East



Just when you thought it was safe to venture outside.

Arctic chill, gale force winds spread chaos far and wide.

The Beast

from the East

Back with a really says something….

When even the weather report’s depressing!


Filthy Oligarchs



Filthy russian money .

fuels our economy.

I say “Enough is Enough”

Time to tell these Oligarchs to f*** off!

We don’t want your sort over here.

The price we pay is way too dear.

Ken Dodd : Rather Odd



Ken Dodd and his diddymen

Had me splitting my sides back then.

I was so glad that Ken Dodd

wasn’t found guilty of tax fraud.

Ken Dodd with your buck teeth and wild hair.

“By Jove” for your tickling stick i really did care.

Ken Dodd : fascinating bloke.

All those classic mother-in -law jokes.

Ken Dodd R.I.P


Telly Addict



He could’ve influenced history.

If he hadn’t spent so much time watching t.v

He had failed to achieve anything .t’was no mystery.

For he spent so much time watching t.v.

A couch potato was  our Jim.

Pizza and the telly was a night in for him.

He even loved the ads.

And the soaps no matter how bad….they were.

Jim he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box .would struggle with his 4 times table.

But it didn’t matter one jot to him, for, Jim he had cable.

We all know some one like Jim.

‘though it would be hard not to pity him.

Jim would feed his belly

on burger and chips, while glued to the telly.

For that was when he was most happy.I say leave him alone.

For he’s not harming anybody, just enjoying “The Game Of Thrones”.

“Countdown” or “Match Of The Day”.

Jim wouldn’t have it any other way…..the End