Exit Through The Gift Shop



In a time of heightened angst, don’t despair.

For good ol’ Banksy lights up drab walls everywhere.

In a time of crisis some will kneel and pray.

But i for one, know that Banksy will lead the way.

Banksy is the shining light.Banksy is our saviour.

From Banksy a merry xmas and a happy new year.





Marilu Henner drove  a yellow taxi

through the mean streets of New York city.

Marilu Henner

drove men and women wild with desire….

in the movie Perfect, dancing  provocatively in her leotard.

Just a glimpse of  Marilu  in the 80’s would cheer me up when times were hard.

Marilu Henner….

flame haired stunner.

Marilu Henner drove a taxi

in New York in the 70’s

Angie And Deborah



Angie and Deborah got together on a veggie meet up.

Soon they were at “Govindas” enjoying mushroom soup.

Afterwards they left Tottenham court rd and boarded the Central line.

To Angie’s trendy Notting hill flat, relaxing with a bottle of wine.

Then they stripped off and made passionate love on the double bed.

Before falling asleep.Next morning Angie brought Deborah breakfast in bed.

A bowl of delicious muesli with a splash of coconut milk.

Deborah looked like a million bucks in Angie’s pyjammas of silk.

Then after

they did shower.

While drying each other Angie turned to Deborah and said “Hon…

why don’t we run a vegetarian café in Wimbledon?”

“I’ve got a whole lot of capitol…

I was a banker after all”

“But it was a boring job.I hated every minute of it”

“And my male colleagues were f****** sexist gits!”

“we’ll call the café Veggie Scene…


With Angie’s legendary culinary expertise…

Cooking everything from Swiss to Mexican to Chinese.

And Deborah as quite the stunning waitress.

Getting generous tips,the venture was a huge success.

They were able to take on more staff.For Angie and Deborah a welcome break.

In a hotel room in beautiful Perugia they did wake.

They snogged in a park in the afternoon then dined on spaghetti.

Back home they tied the knot.Showered in Couscous confetti!



When The Revolution Comes



When the Revolution comes.

I’ll be first in line banging my drum.

When the Revolution kicks in.

Watch it all unfold on state television.

When the Revolution comes, cause enough is enough.

Take to the streets in our droves. Call our leaders bluff.

When the Revolution comes.’aint gonna take that system crap no more.

Poverty, discrimination and hardship we’ve had to endure.

When the Revolution comes, have you got the stomach for the fight.

When the Revolution comes, cause with it comes the collective might.

The Proletariat cannot be underestimated.

When the Revolution comes, their filthy regime’s decimated.

When the Revolution comes, when the Revolution comes…

Cause to the nasty corporations we won’t succumb.

When the Revolution comes it will come with all the force of a hurricane.

When the Revolution comes we’ll take back suburbia again…

and the countryside.

Spread the message far and wide…

When the Revolution comes.

When the Revolution comes.