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Aren’t You Glad He’s Not On Our Streets



Charles Bronson batters 6 “Screws”

Charles Bronson has nothing to lose

For he’s doing tender life

Long since said goodbye to his wife

Charles Bronson before he went to prison

Held up a post office in that s*** hole Luton

Charles Bronson

The toughest man in prison

That is his boast, his claim to fame

From the film star and war hero he stole the name

Charles Bronson you are really evil

So glad you’re locked up ,  a scourge of the people

Charles Bronson may you suffer inside

Your infamy has spread world wide

So sick is this society

That you became an Internet celebrity

Charles Bronson hurry up and die!!…..





China Girl ** ( Apologies to David Bowie for the plagiarism)



Katarina Yu live from Beijing

Katarina YU you make my heart sing

The sexy face of news reporting

Katarina Yu , Aljazeera, Beijing

A bowl of vegetable fried rice

and spring rolls with you would be so nice

My pathetic attempts to use chopsticks ,would make you laugh out loud

Any man or woman you took as your lover would feel so very proud

To walk down a street with you

AlJazeera beauty, Katarina yu


Fast Forward


1863630_eustonstation_82588f44400c6a64e586cc430e26bbe4b05316d2877b6-7756-4a17-a778-c6494f756c7elamborghini londongreenwich-market-123-11024px-Brighton__Hove_Albion_logo.svg_84590223images

Living in the “Rubbish dump of Europe”

The Eastend ghetto, ‘though i’m sure i can cope.

After all, years before, Swindon town…

was my home. Like now, then i felt down

Learned to adapt to my environment then

And i’ll learn to come to terms yet again.

One day, when my boat comes in and i escape all of this.

Living in a place, where “Riffraff” don’t show their face, sheer bliss.

I will look back at those dark days….

with joy, as my new postcode, i embrace.

Goodbye to the very same s******e

that threatened to eat away at my soul

Welcome to my new address

That inspires me to create great art, no less

When i wake, from my heart, i’m singing

If only i could’ve lived here from the beginning

Still, you have to suffer for your art, they say

Now, life’s game, i’m winning, anyway

I’ve taken up root. I’m here to stay

The “Rubbish dump” is of another day.

Goodbye  Tower Hamlets , Walthamstow and Hackney too

No more residing in the “Human Zoo”

The Eastend and Eastenders …. f*** you!

Phil Mitchell, The Queen Vic

Enough to make you violently sick!

The “Rubbish dump of Europe” seems  a thousand miles away.

As now, i wear a smile on my face, every day




Hilary Clinton

Feminist icon

But Hilary, you’ll always be remembered as that same person….

Who couldn’t beat Donald Trump at an election

Hilary, for all your achievements thus far

You will go down in history, Hilary, as an abject failure

And Hilary, you can make a bonfire of your bras

But Trump’s financial backers are smoking their fat cigars…

and laughing at you Hilary Rodham Clinton

A washed up militant icon

Monica Lewinsky stole your thunder

When “hubby” Bill was in the Whitehouse. I wonder….

What do you have to do ?….

Hilary, to get people to like you….