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When Saturday Comes



A must for every football fan, ‘though quite a culture shock.

Back in a time when all matches kicked off at 3 ‘o’ clock…

On a Saturday…long before…

The Sky Revolution, BT ratings war.

But i’ll always bang the drum…

For fanzines like “When Saturday Comes”

‘Though the terraces may have gone.

With much gusto we still sing our club songs.

“When Saturday Comes”

“When Saturday Comes”

What weekends were created for.

“Chelsea, Chelsea, what’s the score!?”

“Could it be 2-nil”

“2-nil, 2-nil”

“When Saturday Comes” .”Where’s your white stick referee!?”

“The whole stadium saw that was a penalty!”

“When Saturday Comes”

“When Saturday Comes”



World Poetry Day



It’s World Poetry day

A reason to feel gay.

It’s World Poetry day.

Shout it from the rooftops.

It’s World Poetry day.

The fun, it never stops.

You can play Tennis

with Dennis.

Or go down town

with a clown……A custard pie in the face.

It’s World Poetry day . Now is the time and the place.

See you later


A trip to a football game or a rock concert.

To embrace World Poetry day wouldn’t hurt.

But don’t write an ode

while crossing the road.

Unless you’ve got a deathwish.

Which simply rhymes with Swordfish.

World Poetry day.

A reason to feel gay.

The Streets Of San Francisco



The sickening sight of A.I.Ds ravaged men sleeping rough

On the streets of San francisco and i thought i had it tough.

I just had to giveĀ  a few dollars to one guy.

His pained expression made me want to cry..

The streets of San Francisco can be a hard place.

A.I.Ds hysteria’s ugly face.

The Streets of San Francisco.

The Streets of San Francisco.

The Arab World



I really don’t like what the Arab world stands for.

I would rather stand on the side of the poor.

Help my fellow man.

whenever i can.

The Arabs love their 5 star hotels and luxury airlines.

The Arab world is populated by swine!

The Arabs just care for some race horse.

The Arabs turn brothers against brothers …. they cause wars.

Arab world f*** you!

The Curse Of The 21st Century



In the modern world there’s way too much stress.

The high cost of living and then there’s loneliness.

The curse of the 21st Century : Solitude.

That we put so much faith in dating sites is rather crude.

Another weekly trip to the supermarket.

All those meals for one in your shopping basket.

Oh well one more night in.

Watching the crap on television.

Couples who fight with one another.

Or singles who go years and years without a lover.

I know, in which catagory

i would rather be.

After all a warring couple can always kiss and make up.

Meanwhile, the single guy went out and bought himself a pup.

For, his friend wrote on his blog.

If you want to meet women, walk a dog.

Now, 3 years down the line…

Clive’s with Julie, feeling fine.

The Bored To Tears Ode



Watching paint dry ….or 2 snails compete

in a 1500 m heat.

Doing the ironing, mopping floors.

Dusting shelves and other tedious chores.

Test Match Cricket.

If you think you can stick it.

And Line Dancing lessons simply can’t be ignored…

If you want to devote your entire life to being bored.

Relocate from your council flat in Islington to a semi detatched out in the “sticks”

Where the mind numbing routine of your existence will surely make you sick.

Your teenage daughter will take up the clarinet.

Her older brother will have a ladybird as a pet.

Yes, there is no future in being boring.Just drive away all your friends…

into the “Comforting arms of the Asylum”. Why be dull?, buck the trend.