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Kenco And The Poor



Kenco coffee stand on the side of the poor.

In a consumer frenzy, moral products you can’t ignore.

Kenco don’t want kids in Honduras to join the gangs.

When that same kid can grow coffee and from his heart he sang.


Nestle Leaves A Foul Taste In The Mouth



Nestle are huge.They make colossal profits.

But the company are run by unethical shits!

From Nescafe to Shredded Wheat….

to Lion bars, Nestle flood the high street.

Boycott them is all i have to say…

Or these Swiss ba*****s will be here to stay

Pay Your Tax!



Apple, Google won’t pay tax…

Starbucks either, that’s the cold hard facts.

The U.S is” capitalism on steroids.”

The greedy corporations, fiscal duty, they’ll avoid.

Trump, won’t change a damn thing you can be sure.

So these souless companies we’ll have to endure.

The Citroen 2 CV



The Citroen 2 CV is more than just a motor car.

Quintissentially french.It is indeed a star.

The Citroen 2 CV,  The Citroen 2 CV….

Driving down country roads to the Loire valley.

The Citroen 2 CV sure is swell.

Popular with les mademoiselles.

The Citroen 2 CV has stood the test of time.

Like a Bordeaux harvest of fine wine.

The Citroen 2 CV, cause driving should be fun.

The Citroen 2 CV, heading for the cote d’azur sun.

The Citroen 2 CV…..