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Santa’s Spot Of Bother+++The 1,500th poem



Santa’s elves took it upon themselves to go on strike.

So Sid the spotty kid from Guildford won’t get his bike.

And what about all those others disappointed on Xmas day.

Santa’s elves marched into Santa’s office demanding better pay.

Not to mention

A private pension.

Santa was backed into a corner for he did not want to be seen.

As an exploitative boss who didn’t give a toss.”To meet your union rep. I’m Keen”

Thankfully everything was sorted out at the negotiating table.

Some where deep in snowy lapland.That’s the end of this fable.



Louis Theroux


louis-theroux-600x376transgender kids

Louis Theroux’s the kind of journalist i admire.

He’s not afraid to put himself in the line of fire.

Like the episode when he took on the Church of Scientologists.

when he retires from investigative broadcasting he will be missed.

Louis Theroux is kind too.the way he did address…

The sensitive issue of transgender kids in the U.S.

Louis Theroux operates with a fair amount of style.

Louis Theroux promise us you’ll hang around the B.B.C for a while….

Louis Theroux.

Shame there aren’t more like you.

Louis Theroux