Welcome to my poetry blog!

My name is Stephen Jensen. I am an artist, poet and vegetarian.

I am a fan of ice hockey, Man United and Billy Joel.

It is my ambition to visit Uruguay and Tokyo.

Stay a while and enjoy my poetry. Please leave feedback in the comments section.

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    • Hi there – I will email you and you can send me your message for me to pass on to Stephen. I will email you within 5 mins of posting this reply so if you don’t receive it please check your spam and then post here again if you still don’t have it. Thanks.

  1. Hi Stephen 🙂 It was nice meeting you at speakers’ corner that other day 🙂 Im glad you gave me your blog, your poetry reminds me of Tim Burton’s: making everyday’s life something to marvel about, making things I can relate to worth noticing, I a very natural way 🙂
    Please take care, keep on seeing things from your Poetry up there 😉
    Bon courage ! Le courage suffit à tout. 😉

  2. Stephen, I just read in one of your poems that you were friends with Geoff Ashcroft. Is that true? I was a friend of his a long time ago. I’d like to get in touch with you about him. Would that be possible?

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