Martin (A Tribute)


A tribute ode to my brother Paul’s best friend

Who met a rather premature end

At his flat near Heathrow

Right now, my brother’s feeling low.

Martin Honeywell you were somewhat accident prone

I first met you in the 80’s at my parent’s home

You loved my late mother’s cooking. she filled up your plate.

Thanking her very much, every last morsel you ate

Mother said to Paul  “your new found friend Martin….

has excellent manners.” “He can come round again”

And so a beautiful friendship started

My brother who felt proud to know you , is broken hearted

Even when Paul left Milton Keynes and moved to San Francisco

He would take his wife and kids to meet up with you in London, so

One of my most cherished possessions, a group photograph

Outside Wagamama we ate well and had a good laugh

In the end everything that lives also dies

From the smallest ant to a human being

Everyone that knew Martin Honeywell

Will be shattered by his passing……

Martin HoneyWell R.I.P

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