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On My Bucket List (Part 1)


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To visit the San Siro is on my “Bucket list”

Then find a nearby sports bar and get rapidly pissed

And a ticket for the Spanish Riding school

In beautiful Vienna would be so cool

A trip to the equally lovely Philippines

Manila’s History Museum complex …set the scene

Or check out the truly awful 70’s fashion

In the ABBA Museum, Stockholm, where it’s really happenin’

In the wonderful setting of Tokyo

watching the ancient ritual of Sumo

Cutting edge Architecture dans Paris

The sort i could fall in love with easily

The colourful New Orleans Jazz bars

Love the guy on Bass then there’s his friend on guitar

The coolest place in Havana to be seen

In your short spell there make it your routine

The Pyramids of Egypt a sight to savour

Basking in the heat and wondering how they got there

The Fjords of Norway

To blow you away

LGBT Carnival

In the simply splendid Montreal

Adelaide’s Kangaroo Island

Where Joey became your best friend !!

Prague’s spectacular record shops

Where the prices wouldn’t make your jaw drop

The Comic book shops of Brussels too

Down some picturesque avenue

The simply amazing Joan Miro gallery

In Barcelona and finally….

Mirth and merriment galore

In London’s Westend Comedy store….




Martin (A Tribute)


A tribute ode to my brother Paul’s best friend

Who met a rather premature end

At his flat near Heathrow

Right now, my brother’s feeling low.

Martin Honeywell you were somewhat accident prone

I first met you in the 80’s at my parent’s home

You loved my late mother’s cooking. she filled up your plate.

Thanking her very much, every last morsel you ate

Mother said to Paul  “your new found friend Martin….

has excellent manners.” “He can come round again”

And so a beautiful friendship started

My brother who felt proud to know you , is broken hearted

Even when Paul left Milton Keynes and moved to San Francisco

He would take his wife and kids to meet up with you in London, so

One of my most cherished possessions, a group photograph

Outside Wagamama we ate well and had a good laugh

In the end everything that lives also dies

From the smallest ant to a human being

Everyone that knew Martin Honeywell

Will be shattered by his passing……

Martin HoneyWell R.I.P



download (1)


One night in a London cinema i saw the movie “Facebook”

I left with the impression Zuckerberg’s a swine and a crook

Nothing that’s happened since then, has at all changed my outlook

I dreamt he got sent down. One hell of a legal team it took

The jury were absolutely unanimous

The Judge wouldn’t budge and sealed his fate without fuss

Shame it was a dream ….

Who Rattled Your Cage !?



Mike was a passenger on the Central line

His journey to work was going just fine.

Then all of a sudden, a woman sitting opposite him, did vent her spleen.

She didn’t like the left wing message on his t-shirt. She shouted “That’s obscene!”

She shook her fist at him as well

Quoted the Bible and sent him to hell.

Fortunately, he got off at the next stop….Chancery lane

Grateful in the knowledge he’d never come across the bitch again!

Russia and Democracy


joseph-stalin-2CRIMEA-UKRAINE-RUSSIA-CONFLICT-POLITICSdownload (1)1_NsFE44VQk_H_lOY_UDyuLA11666722-3x2-700x467

Russia doesn’t believe in democracy

With their leaders it doesn’t sit easy

From Stalin to Putin

Breznev and Yeltsin

Freedoms that other countries do enjoy

The right to protest which we readily employ

Democracy is a wonderful thing

‘though it does give license to the rise of the right wing

In places like Dresden , Swastika and clenched fist

And at speaker’s corner , Religious fundamentalist

My late father fought for freedom in World War 2

From black right’s marches to LGBT we thank you

But still Russia refuses to embrace change

I find their stance on civil liberties rather strange

In a democracy, i thrive

In Russia i don’t think i’d survive

So i’m glad i live in the West

And i will always protest

Russia and Democracy

Russia and Democracy