It’s Lonely At The Top… And Even Harder At The Bottom !!


Society’s treating me differently

Ever since i won the Euro lottery

I was a bum. Today i am a king

Furthermore, i never want for anything

When i was another bloke on the “Dole”

People despised me. ‘though i was a kindly soul.

Then one day i won the lottery, to buck the trend

And when my numbers came up, suddenly i had lots of friends

Money changes everything

The happiness it can bring

Before my new found, abundant wealth

Poverty was taking it’s toll on my health

And i was somewhat largely ignored

A football match ticket , i could not afford

And the Theatre

Was way too dear.

While the elite knocked back the Champagne

I queued up at the “Hand out” in the rain

Money changes everything

The short lived joy it did bring

My life was one of many thrills

I would laugh in the face of bills !!

I bought a brand new AUDI , travelled the world far and wide.

Then lost it all in a “Stock Market Crash”  .I thought ’bout suicide.

I hit the booze

And that’s no use

Then one day a “Big Issue” journalist agreed to publish my story

The cracks had appeared in my weather beaten face. My sad fall from glory

A snowy day

On a bench, i lay

A death in sub zero, tragic

A largely forgotten statistic

My scenario couldn’t have been much worse

My Lottery Jackpot win was a curse

Money, it changes everything

To lose it all, it’s effects, far reaching

And all those friends you once knew

Have all but deserted you

It’s lonely at the top and even harder at the bottom….



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