My Finest Achievement So Far



In a somewhat ordinary football game….

At school , with a wild strike of the ball, i found fame

My speculative effort from the halfway line and yet….

To mine and my team mates surprise , did hit the back of the net

So it was an extremely windy day….

and the goalie was only 5 feet 7 ,hey

I did something then , that surpassed the great Pele

That day at school , i went on to score….

from close  range , 4 more

For this was years before i started piling on the pounds

In the early 80’s , i could run like a prize greyhound

Now. as i look back on that otherwise meaningless day

It matters not , that i was the last to be picked anyway

For , reasons to feel proud. i swear

In my life , have been all too rare

My greatest achievement so far….

So glad it didn’t hit the bar

There will be people with a P.H.D

Who will be envious of me

Cause that is a stroke of real genious , you see

I will never ever forget that day….

if i live to be a hundred, say


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