America And It’S Neighbours



Beef Burgers , Hollywood thrillers

Zionists , Serial killers

Fremasonry , The Klu Klux Klan

The highly toxic Cola can

Chronic obesity

Superficial celebrity

Racism , xenophobia

The “Bible Belt ” , homophobia

This is what America gave us

From “Uncle Sam” won’t you save us

I grew up with American t.v and their movies too

Now i’m older and wiser , i say to America f*** you !

Trigger happy cops

America ….The buck stops…with you

Gun crime , propaganda, Deathrow

The heinous crimes of the “Mafioso”

Yuppy w***** quite at home on “Wall street

Abusing some tramp “Get a job you deadbeat!”

Sending animals into Space

The U.S , a f*****g disgrace !

If it wasn’t for it’s culture

I would never ever go there

Just spend  a lot of time in Canada instead

In my mom’s house  waking on her sofa bed

In lovely Ontario

Or Montreal and Ottowa in the snow

For Canada ‘though not perfect either

Is America’s saner brother

And Edmonton so much more “User Friendly”

Than those L.A  dwellers , obsessed with being trendy

The F.B.I , the C.I.A  the U.S gave us

From “Uncle Sam” won’t you please save us

As for Mexico their other neighbours

All they can offer them is cheap labour

And now Trump has in place his evil wall

So they won’t be coming in after all

The U.S economy was built on immigrants toil

Trump an immigrant himself, doesn’t want them on U.S soil

Reagen , Bush and Trump America gave us

From “Uncle Sam” won’t you please save us


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