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Ha ! Ha ! Ha !


download (1)1watfordliverpool2902

Jurgen Klopp’s Koppites stung by the Hornets

at Vicarage road. 3 in the back of their net

Those scousers were getting extremely big headed

I’m sure Elton John would’ve enjoyed watching it

Live , or in  a bar somewhere , with a soft drink

As for the reds , they’re not as good as they would like you to think

They are away to Chelsea in the f.a  cup soon

having nearly succumbed to the shrews under the Shropshire moon

And Athletico could still embarrass them further

At the Etihad in the league they could really suffer

And Bayern still the favourites to win the European cup

But the day belongs to Watford in their bid to stay up


It’s Lonely At The Top… And Even Harder At The Bottom !!


Society’s treating me differently

Ever since i won the Euro lottery

I was a bum. Today i am a king

Furthermore, i never want for anything

When i was another bloke on the “Dole”

People despised me. ‘though i was a kindly soul.

Then one day i won the lottery, to buck the trend

And when my numbers came up, suddenly i had lots of friends

Money changes everything

The happiness it can bring

Before my new found, abundant wealth

Poverty was taking it’s toll on my health

And i was somewhat largely ignored

A football match ticket , i could not afford

And the Theatre

Was way too dear.

While the elite knocked back the Champagne

I queued up at the “Hand out” in the rain

Money changes everything

The short lived joy it did bring

My life was one of many thrills

I would laugh in the face of bills !!

I bought a brand new AUDI , travelled the world far and wide.

Then lost it all in a “Stock Market Crash”  .I thought ’bout suicide.

I hit the booze

And that’s no use

Then one day a “Big Issue” journalist agreed to publish my story

The cracks had appeared in my weather beaten face. My sad fall from glory

A snowy day

On a bench, i lay

A death in sub zero, tragic

A largely forgotten statistic

My scenario couldn’t have been much worse

My Lottery Jackpot win was a curse

Money, it changes everything

To lose it all, it’s effects, far reaching

And all those friends you once knew

Have all but deserted you

It’s lonely at the top and even harder at the bottom….





Real Madrid v Club Brugge KV: Group A - UEFA Champions League

Sergio Ramos is a thug. Sent off again last night

Man city triumphed in the Bernabeu. Real’s plight

Ramos collects cards like a croupier

And he gets away with the odd misdemeanour

Kick his sort out of the game is what F.I.F.A must do

But they’re a bunch of t***s, sorry bureaucrats…Ramos f*** you !


Live In The Commons


download (1)

Teresa May , a hideous old matriarch

A lap dancer for every Oligarch…

and Arab in London

Now she’s gone all of a sudden…

Been replaced by Boris Johnson

A fat bleached blonde

If you feel you’ve been conned

Sold down the river by the government

remember the opposition are a disappointment

The best we can hope for , at the next election….

is  a “Hung Parliament “….It must have been a comedian

who coined that phrase

“Live In The Commons” like i’ve got nothing better to do

Than watch the “Muppets ” performing. F*** you !

Disgraceful !!



A 6 year old girl arrested at school

Even by the pigs standards that’s cruel

Orlando police department hang your heads in shame

The handcuffed child’s trauma..You are no doubt to blame

Treated no better than a common criminal , was she

That it ever occurred at all , a travesty

Kaia Rolle you did nothing wrong

The general public,  on your side all along

The innocent suffer in this world of ours

Even when they’re set free…the emotional scars

Kaia Rolle you are a star




What Makes Paris So Special



What makes Paris  special mon amie ?

Could it be the aroma of the boulangerie/ patisseries

Or maybe it’s les mademoiselles

Who lend themselves to Paris chic , so well

Could it be the breath taking Architecture

From Haussmann to Le Corbusier

The very diversity of the place

And the Flea markets are no disgrace

What makes Paris so special ?

The record shops ,  where a bargain you may find

What makes Paris so special ?

The elegant Boulevards to blow your mind

What makes Paris so special ?

The bridges , spectacular

What makes Paris special ?

It’s rich history and  it’s culture

What makes Paris so special ?

It’s statues and it’s sights

What makes Paris so special ?

It’s Gastronomic delight’s

What makes Paris so special ?

Maybe it’s all of the above

What makes Paris so special ?

To go there once is to fall in love

And you’ll want to go there again and again

Pick up a postcard or 3 , by La Seine

What makes Paris so special ?

It’s essence captures the very soul

of those who are drawn to it’s streets

A picnic in one of it’s many parks to make your trip complete

Yes, what makes Paris so special ?

A city so inspirational

What makes Paris so special ?

What makes Paris so special ?


My Finest Achievement So Far



In a somewhat ordinary football game….

At school , with a wild strike of the ball, i found fame

My speculative effort from the halfway line and yet….

To mine and my team mates surprise , did hit the back of the net

So it was an extremely windy day….

and the goalie was only 5 feet 7 ,hey

I did something then , that surpassed the great Pele

That day at school , i went on to score….

from close  range , 4 more

For this was years before i started piling on the pounds

In the early 80’s , i could run like a prize greyhound

Now. as i look back on that otherwise meaningless day

It matters not , that i was the last to be picked anyway

For , reasons to feel proud. i swear

In my life , have been all too rare

My greatest achievement so far….

So glad it didn’t hit the bar

There will be people with a P.H.D

Who will be envious of me

Cause that is a stroke of real genious , you see

I will never ever forget that day….

if i live to be a hundred, say


America And It’S Neighbours



Beef Burgers , Hollywood thrillers

Zionists , Serial killers

Fremasonry , The Klu Klux Klan

The highly toxic Cola can

Chronic obesity

Superficial celebrity

Racism , xenophobia

The “Bible Belt ” , homophobia

This is what America gave us

From “Uncle Sam” won’t you save us

I grew up with American t.v and their movies too

Now i’m older and wiser , i say to America f*** you !

Trigger happy cops

America ….The buck stops…with you

Gun crime , propaganda, Deathrow

The heinous crimes of the “Mafioso”

Yuppy w***** quite at home on “Wall street

Abusing some tramp “Get a job you deadbeat!”

Sending animals into Space

The U.S , a f*****g disgrace !

If it wasn’t for it’s culture

I would never ever go there

Just spend  a lot of time in Canada instead

In my mom’s house  waking on her sofa bed

In lovely Ontario

Or Montreal and Ottowa in the snow

For Canada ‘though not perfect either

Is America’s saner brother

And Edmonton so much more “User Friendly”

Than those L.A  dwellers , obsessed with being trendy

The F.B.I , the C.I.A  the U.S gave us

From “Uncle Sam” won’t you please save us

As for Mexico their other neighbours

All they can offer them is cheap labour

And now Trump has in place his evil wall

So they won’t be coming in after all

The U.S economy was built on immigrants toil

Trump an immigrant himself, doesn’t want them on U.S soil

Reagen , Bush and Trump America gave us

From “Uncle Sam” won’t you please save us


Remembering Justin



The late Justin Fashanu inducted into “Football’s Hall Of Fame”

Scoring goal of the season for Norwich….how he made his name

He was a real trailblazer

The first million pound black player

I must have walked past that Shoreditch garage where he hung himself many times

Openly gay in the macho world of football , his only crime

Justin Fashanu R.I.P