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The Truth Died A Death



The truth died a death

The media strangled the very life out of it

The truth’s final breath

Murdered for some franchises profit

It surfaced now and then

Then killed once more on CNN

The truth died a death

A propaganda machine

The truth died a death

Fake news became the routine

The truth died a death….

A Break From Poetry ( Jokes !!)



Did you hear about the short sighted Hedgehog

He tried to have sex with a hair brush !!

Charlton Athletic have a new name….

Charlton Athletic nil !!

What’s black and taps on the window ?

A baby in a microwave !!

What’s worse than a centipede with athlete’s foot ?

A Giraffe with a sore throat,,,,

Getting Away With Murder ( Part 1 )



C.I.D sent “The Guildford Four ” down . The “Birmingham Six” too

The police also murder Schizophrenics in cells. System Robots f*** you

Getting away with murder .A somewhat heinous crime

if i had my way, half the police force would be doing time

Getting away with murder in a land where justice is  a joke

It really does resonate with the average bloke

Getting away with Murder …low life in high places

Getting away with murder . Guilt etched on their faces

Getting away with murder

Getting away with murder….

Vicious Rumours Are For Vicious People



Vicious rumours are for vicious people i must stress

From Edna and Mavis at the bus stop to the gutter press

Vicious rumours are for vicious people

For those of us who seek truth not scandal

I am not remotely interested if a celebrity is lesbian or gay

But the cockroaches in the media wouldn’t have it any other way

Or if their brother is in fact  a junkie

I’m reminded of the 3 wise monkeys

“See no evil” “Hear no evil” “Speak no evil”

Vicious rumours are for vicious people

History will be the judge of whether someone was good or bad. And yet,,,

Even that is not 100% accurate

Vicious rumours are for vicious people……

Christine Keeler …Innocent !!



Royal Courts of Justice. You’re havin’ a laugh !!

John Profumo . A  Sociopath

Narcissistic too

The Judge who sent Christine down….F*** you !!

An act of sheer insanity

Her only crime, naivity

And now poor Christine is no more

But to me she never was a whore !

And that’s a word that men do use

Men who subject women to abuse

Christine Keeler ,,,Innocent

“All about Yves”



“All about Yves” i swear i’ll never look at Fridge freezers the same way  again

From the different functions the pretty mademoiselle did explain

The Fridge Magnet spelling out the word f***

The guy scoring with the girl who sold Yves to him,  could not believe his luck

Yves was to play a major role

In the two lovers lives as a whole

The entire movie : side splittingly funny

It’s times like this that make my life sunny

Thanks to all those involved with this classic

The director a genius, the acting was magic…

“All about Yves” should win shed loads of awards

C’est Magnifique. An antidote to being bored

It is movies like this for which we go

Be it incessant rain, strong winds or snow

J’adore “All about Yves”….