I Can’t Keep Up ( With The Way The World’s Heading)


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The pace of technology is going way too fast

Kindle’s and Blue Ray ….Fads i doubted would last

Blue tooth, Robots

Sat Navs…Get lost !

I was only dreaming

That we’d seen the back of Streaming

Hi tech economic super powers…the Orient’s leading the way

The rapid rate of progress what is the price we will pay

Nintendo, X-box

The whole thing sucks!

As an Indie band once said

“Modern Life Is Rubbish” …..knock it on the head

I  have to say i don’t mind “Bullet trains”

But the appeal of Flying cars i wish they would explain

to me a simple man

Doing the best i can

The pace of technology travelling at a frightening speed

The dangers of Nuclear power …..

It’s getting crazier by the hour

Man’s incessant, ruthless will to succeed

I wonder where will it all end ?

The whole world resembling Hong Kong, my friend

The pace of technology, the pace of technology

But are we any better off than we were in the 18th century ?

The pace of technology needs to slow down

Or chaos will come to our cities and our towns

The rapid acceleration

Of progress destroying nations

That’s all i want to say


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