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Memphis, Tennessee



Memphis, Tennessee

I am sure is a cool place to be

Blues bars, as far as the eye can see

The wonder of Memphis , Tennessee….

Piss Off Fatty !


Donald Trump with Jens Stoltenberg at NATO Summit in Brussels 110718 CREDIT NATO

Donald Trump can i make it perfectly clear

Londoners hate you . So why do you keep  coming here

You have delusions of grandeur

For, you think you’re popular

F*** Off Trump

Greedy Capitalist Pigs ( Part 1)



Lionel Messi i doubt you are  a nice man at all

Just extremely talented with a football

But Messi i wonder, can you evade the Spanish taxman

With the same deft skill, eluding defenders tackles, you can

Lionel Messi half a million a week is not enough for you

Adverts for Pepsi and a best selling biography too

Lionel Messi your bank manager must be in love with you

But have you given anything back to the game

That has bestowed on  you fortune and fame

Lionel, i said Lionel

I am not a sycophant at all

Nor am i in your fan club, Messi

Just sick and tired of sports stars who are not grounded in reality

Lionel Messi

That’s all i want to say