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Le Joie De Vivre



Swap the news channel for The Comedy Hour this is what i believe

As the french would so aptly put it you’re experiencing le joie de vivre

Travel broadens the mind

To yourself be kind

Bin those Elton John c.d’s for he’ll take you over the edge

ABBA and Boney M, Bossa Nova and Sister sledge

A spectator at live sport too

Great art, Smelly fart! why feel blue

Le Joie de vivre

Le Joie de vivre


Not jogging

Le Joie De Vivre not feeling bored

A state of mind we should all work toward

Le Joie De Vivre

Le Joie De Vivre….



“Stress You’re Having A Laugh”


“Being a princess

Takes it’s toll i must stress”

This may sound totally absurd

But Megan Markle did utter those very words….on t.v  just the other day

Yeah being a princess is really stressful

Taking private jets all over the world

Being wined and dined by dignitaries

While some women put in a shift in  a factory

And return home to a tower block not a palace

Yes it’s hard not to attack the royals with malice

A stressful life the royals do have

Suzanne the cleaning lady lets out a laugh

That privileged Megan Markle

‘Aint living in the real world

And neither is her hubby Harry

Half the world tuned in when they did marry

But not i

I would rather die….





Frankie Dettori whips horses to make them go faster

At York  and Newmarket and Doncaster

Frankie Dettori you are a f****** disgrace

If i met you in London i’d shove an ice cream in your face

Or attack you with a whip Frankie

You’re a villain not a hero Dettori