Who’s The Best



There’s an awful lotta cash riding on it

Who is the greatest band on the planet

Diana Ross’s Supremes

Songs sound just like dreams

If you prefer hard rock

Scorpions out to shock

ABBA.  happy tunes they played

The outstanding band of their decade

Though there were other great acts in the 70’s too

Like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zep and The Who

In the 60’s there were the Beatles, the Kinks, The Rolling Stones

Who could ever forget Pavlov’s dog and the Gramophone

The Symbol for HMV

But they sank without  a trace more’s the pity

In the 80’s just before the awful  Britpop

U.2 and  Ultravox on Top of the Pops

A programme they should bring back really

Highlighting the very best on the B,B,C

So back to my earlier debate

For any definite answer you may have to wait

For they were all  extremely good in their own way

And i’m sure deserve the royalties from all that airplay

Who are the best Roger Daltrey and co

Or the Beach boys , ZZ Top how should i know

So the discussion goes on thus far

In soup kitchens and bars


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