Criminals Run This World



From the notorious hardened street con

to the evil amongst the higher echelons

The cold hard facts my friend

Is that criminals will be with us to the bitter end

The fraudster

The drug dealer

The power mad, unscrupulous politician

And just how bent are our senior policemen

The hacker, the Troll. then there;s white collar crime

Criminals getting away with it all the f*****g time

The unlucky ones get sent down

The rest of them run our towns

and cities

More’s the pity

As long as there’s Hollywood glamourising crime

Or violent video games to occupy our time

The criminals will thrive. Bare their teeth like scavengers

And what about the leaders and the law men paid to protect us

They are as bad if not worse

And so i wrote this little verse

If you are an honest man you are fast becoming a minority

But you can still be judged and punished by a corrupt society

Crime : be it organized or from the very top

In the interests of humanity it must stop

But i doubt somehow that it ever will


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