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Japan Shock The World



The Japanese rugby team…

In the World cup, realized a dream

Triumphing over one of the favourites to lift the trophy in November

For the locals, they will never forget the 28th of September.

When the boys from the “Land of the Rising Sun”

Beat the Irish 12-9.The whole world was stunned,

Game For a Laugh


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Won’t you cast your votes fpr the world’s best sit com

Be it M.A.S.H, Mork and MIndy or 3rd Rock From The Sun

maybe something closer to home

could tweak your funny bone

Love thy Neighbour, Ronnie Barker

The latter in Porridge

Mind your Language

Racial stereotypes galore

Open all hours convenience store

The savage till, Arkwright’s stutter

Tins of corn beef, jam and butter

Nothing could make me feel gladder

Than an evening with a box set of Blackadder

The hilarious Friends, Basil Fawlty’s nagging wife

I was once lucky  enough to meet Richard Briars from The Good Life

So who wins the prize for the best sit com , hey

Is it us Brits or our friends in the U.S.A

I just know that Laughter Is The Best Medicine

So relax with Allo Allo . Get the beers in

And a Margherita pizza

Dad’s Army, Del Boy, Rodney and Trigger

The World’s best sitcom

They’re all winners where i’n coming from

To the writers and the actors thanks

Laughing all the way to the bank





Who’s The Best



There’s an awful lotta cash riding on it

Who is the greatest band on the planet

Diana Ross’s Supremes

Songs sound just like dreams

If you prefer hard rock

Scorpions out to shock

ABBA.  happy tunes they played

The outstanding band of their decade

Though there were other great acts in the 70’s too

Like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zep and The Who

In the 60’s there were the Beatles, the Kinks, The Rolling Stones

Who could ever forget Pavlov’s dog and the Gramophone

The Symbol for HMV

But they sank without  a trace more’s the pity

In the 80’s just before the awful  Britpop

U.2 and  Ultravox on Top of the Pops

A programme they should bring back really

Highlighting the very best on the B,B,C

So back to my earlier debate

For any definite answer you may have to wait

For they were all  extremely good in their own way

And i’m sure deserve the royalties from all that airplay

Who are the best Roger Daltrey and co

Or the Beach boys , ZZ Top how should i know

So the discussion goes on thus far

In soup kitchens and bars


All Eyes On Japan



The Rugby World cup….all eyes on Japan

A t.v audience of several hundred million

The bars will be packed

Glasses of Sake knocked back

Who will triumph the Irish or the Kiwis

Tonga or England…Springboks or the Aussies

Or maybe if the Welsh can get their act together

One thing you can’t guarantee is nice weather

‘though one thing you can expect is a carnival atmosphere

Josh sent a postcard to his mates in Sydney “Wish You Were Here”

The Rugby World well will the hosts do ?

Only time will tell.i’ll watch it on B.B.C.2

I’ll be rooting for Johnny Sexton’s boys you understand

And celebrating if they win with a Guinness in my hand


Criminals Run This World



From the notorious hardened street con

to the evil amongst the higher echelons

The cold hard facts my friend

Is that criminals will be with us to the bitter end

The fraudster

The drug dealer

The power mad, unscrupulous politician

And just how bent are our senior policemen

The hacker, the Troll. then there;s white collar crime

Criminals getting away with it all the f*****g time

The unlucky ones get sent down

The rest of them run our towns

and cities

More’s the pity

As long as there’s Hollywood glamourising crime

Or violent video games to occupy our time

The criminals will thrive. Bare their teeth like scavengers

And what about the leaders and the law men paid to protect us

They are as bad if not worse

And so i wrote this little verse

If you are an honest man you are fast becoming a minority

But you can still be judged and punished by a corrupt society

Crime : be it organized or from the very top

In the interests of humanity it must stop

But i doubt somehow that it ever will


Walk Like An Egyptian


download (1)

The Bangles the only all girl group i like

The rest of them can take a hike

I bought their greatest hits from a record shop in Cologne

In the  early 90’s i dreamed of being all alone …..

with Susannah Hoffs . But that was never likely to happen

So to listen to her dulcet tones , scant consolation

The Bangles songs seemed so happy and gay

From Eternal Flame to Manic Monday

Susannah Hoffs you rock !