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A change is as good as a rest

So i flew out to Bucharest

In the Romanian sun

I had a dirt cheap Mexican

Served by a stunning waitress

I feel the need to stress

I photographed a cat and i

Wandered  around in the night sky

‘though not strolling far from my hotel

With which the decor was swell

A trip to Steau club shop the  very next day

Though their ground’s a building site it didn’t matter anyway

Then on to Dinamo’s Olympic stadium

Sharing with Steau must really annoy them

Later just before it got dark

I found myself in a lovely park

The fountain was simply amazing

Then a short walk, cause ice cream i was craving

And a Mexican again

The final day

of my stay….

A trip to the National art museum

The nudes you’ve just got to see ’em

A leisurely stroll

through Lipscani so good for the soul

And so i bid farewell to Romania

Alas knowing no more ’bout Vlad the Impaler

For, i couldn’t find an internet cafe anywhere

Still i was too busy having a great time too care

Bucharest , beautiful Bucharest

Another place ticked off on my “Bucket list”

The waitress in the Paris t=shirt i will never ever forget

Escaping the humdrum of Tower Hamlets i don’t regret

if only for such a short time

Hope you like my travel log in rhyme





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