The Person At Passport Control



The person who sits at the desk in passport control….

Never ever smile..Perhaps they don’t possess a soul.

It could take a monumental effort to make them laugh

Cause maybe deep down they are a sociopath

Do you enjoy your job as a whole? I’d be worried if you said yes.

No doubt you regard yourself as somewhat a success

Treating everyone with the utmost suspicion

If only to your younger self, you did listen

You may have been an artist, hey

Or joined  a radical left wing group, say

Person who sits there at passport control, i kid you not

It really does take a special kind of f*****g robot!

Or am i being  a bit too harsh ? Make your own mind up

For excersising  in frowning.You win the World cup

Person in passport control

Who may or may not have a soul

I composed this  little ode about you

Cause i can write about miserable f*****s too.

Person in Passport control when you die

Will any one miss you will any one cry

I hope so . for i believe

That no one can be all that bad …let us grieve



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