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Yuppies Win The Day


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Public sector workers have to commute every week

They can’t afford to live in the “Smoke” their situation, bleak

Meanwhile the “Adventure Capitalists” that do are having a ball

The yuppies have taken over our city that’s why it’s no fun at all

The creative types and the individuals moved to Brighton years ago

Where the rents are a lot lower and the pace of life so slow

But London used to be a really special place

That it’s now  the home of the entrepreneur’s a fu****g disgrace

I was born in 69  in london town

What’s happened to the capital sometimes gets me down

The future doesn’t look great

A suited and booted f*****g state

oh well…



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A change is as good as a rest

So i flew out to Bucharest

In the Romanian sun

I had a dirt cheap Mexican

Served by a stunning waitress

I feel the need to stress

I photographed a cat and i

Wandered  around in the night sky

‘though not strolling far from my hotel

With which the decor was swell

A trip to Steau club shop the  very next day

Though their ground’s a building site it didn’t matter anyway

Then on to Dinamo’s Olympic stadium

Sharing with Steau must really annoy them

Later just before it got dark

I found myself in a lovely park

The fountain was simply amazing

Then a short walk, cause ice cream i was craving

And a Mexican again

The final day

of my stay….

A trip to the National art museum

The nudes you’ve just got to see ’em

A leisurely stroll

through Lipscani so good for the soul

And so i bid farewell to Romania

Alas knowing no more ’bout Vlad the Impaler

For, i couldn’t find an internet cafe anywhere

Still i was too busy having a great time too care

Bucharest , beautiful Bucharest

Another place ticked off on my “Bucket list”

The waitress in the Paris t=shirt i will never ever forget

Escaping the humdrum of Tower Hamlets i don’t regret

if only for such a short time

Hope you like my travel log in rhyme





The Person At Passport Control



The person who sits at the desk in passport control….

Never ever smile..Perhaps they don’t possess a soul.

It could take a monumental effort to make them laugh

Cause maybe deep down they are a sociopath

Do you enjoy your job as a whole? I’d be worried if you said yes.

No doubt you regard yourself as somewhat a success

Treating everyone with the utmost suspicion

If only to your younger self, you did listen

You may have been an artist, hey

Or joined  a radical left wing group, say

Person who sits there at passport control, i kid you not

It really does take a special kind of f*****g robot!

Or am i being  a bit too harsh ? Make your own mind up

For excersising  in frowning.You win the World cup

Person in passport control

Who may or may not have a soul

I composed this  little ode about you

Cause i can write about miserable f*****s too.

Person in Passport control when you die

Will any one miss you will any one cry

I hope so . for i believe

That no one can be all that bad …let us grieve



History Lesson



Jimi Hendrix set fire to his guitar.

Feminists everywhere were burning their bras

Man landing on the Moon….allegedly

For, i’m far from convinced, you see

Charles Manson, Vietnam

The Beatles welcomed by ” Uncle Sam”

The 1960’s was a crazy place.

Still there was always a hippy chick to embrace

Be it San Francisco or Carnaby street

George Best. who had the world at his feet

Yet contrived somehow to throw it all away

How magical it must have been to see him play

I was born January 69…ironically

The year Man city won the cup at Wembley

A sad fact this “Red Devil” has had to endure

Pink Floyd released the sound track “More”

The “Swinging Sixties” where my journey began

Now , with white hairs in my beard , i look like an old man

In the 70’s i was just a kid

The 80’s and 90’s i’d like to lift the lid…..

And expose them for….

The shitty decades they were.

Although the Berlin wall….

In 1990 did fall.

That history book

is well worth a look

If the next generation can just tear themselves away from their phones

They could forge a radical decade all on their very own

Or am i expecting too much

Like them , i’m completely out of touch

And so this ode ends

The history lesson’s over , my friend , for now