Monthly Archives: July 2019

Hollywood Murders Romance



The world of Hollywood romcoms

What absurd angle they’re coming from

“Maid in Manhatten” ” You’ve Got Mail ”

Dozens more sh***y tales

The French do it so much better

Believable characters and plots

The “Tinsel town” film reels belong in the gutter

In the garbage cans they would rot

A rats breakfast, a fitting end

Go over to world cinema,  my friend

You’ve gotta hate the sentimentality

Of movies like “Synchronicity”

Dubbing is surely the answer

Then the masses would be won over

So b******s to Hollywood

Forget that s*** if i could

But it’s left a huge muddy footprint on my mind

From now on just Independent, to myself , be kind

In Celebration Of ( The Glorious Spud)



Digging in the mud

Unearth the glorious spud

Chips in tomato sauce

And Parmentier potatoes of course

Potato Dauphinoise

We love the spud because

They are delicious and healthy

In their jackets Vitamin B

With a knob of Lurpak, simply divine

And mustn’t forget the classic boiled spuds in Brine

Maybe it’s cause of my Irish roots, That i ‘ve fallen in love, so

With the taste sensation,  that is the common potato