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Standing Up For Dolphins



Even by right wing tabloid signs, that is awful

Some inebriated “Hack” claiming Dolphins are evil

Tell that to Olivia Newton John

Or anyone who has  seen them on the television

Doing pioneering work with kids with special needs.

Boycott the tabloids and they will not succeed,,,,

In spreading their propaganda which they claim to be the truth

Influencing the elder generation and corrupting youth

So f*** the tabloids and their sensationalism

Theirs is a rather shambolic brand of journalism

3 cheers for “Flipper” hip hip hooray

I love it when the dolphins come out to play


Japan Fall Just Short


Netherlands-v-Japan-Round-Of-16-2019-FIFA-Womens-World-Cup-France-15614953332875Women's World Cup - Round of 16 - Netherlands v Japan

Japan played so well.

But football can be cruel.

And so the Dutch go through to the last 8 to face Italy

‘Though play as badly as that again and they’re going home,  believe me.

As for the Japanese, they have won a lot of friends….

With their style of football. But their journey’s come to an end.

The Japan team were so plucky.

But in the end they were unlucky.

A rare foray into the Japanese half of the pitch.

A hand ball,  penalty call. Mehrtens scored. Life’s a bitch!

The Raj e.t.c



The British Empire, French colonies

Enslaving natives, if you please

And starting wars

Millions died for the cause

Watch it all unfold on some B.B.C period drama

Personally, i blame it all on Vasco De Gama.

and the like.

Don’t believe in colonies

Cars torched in “Gay Paris”

Don’t believe

Said, i don’t believe in colonies

Bisexual. Not Crazy!



In the 1960’s in the U.K

in a so called liberal, tolerant country

“Shrinks” were giving bisexuals E,C,T

This is an act of sheer lunacy.

In fact it is inhumane and barbaric.

The Victims got f*** all compensation, pathetic

The patients count their emotional scars

While the “Shrinks” drive off in their AUDI cars….

to their second homes in Provence.

The system is run by s***s and runts….. Enough said

Alfred Nobel



Alfred Nobel was a peculiar bloke

The Nobel prize is a f*****g joke

They give s*** authors

The prize for literature

Adolf Hitler got the Nobel prize for peace. Crazy as it may sound

The bloke who invented dynamite got it for science. The awards merry–go round

Alfred Nobel the Swedes adored you

But they drive crappy Volvo’s too.

Alfred Nobel , students from Stockholm, in you, they believe

But i wonder , what did you actually achieve

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel