Monthly Archives: May 2019

Hot Girls



Hot girls making out in the shower

or in the foreground of the Eiffel tower

Hot girls on motorbikes

Hot girls are what i like.

Hot girl in police uniform

hot anarchist who don’t want to conform

Hot girls in the swedish nudist colony

Hot girl committing a felony

Hot girl

Playing football.

Hot girl in  a rock ‘n’ roll band

“Save the Whale!” Hot girls making a stand

Hot girls female mud wrestling

Hot girls kick boxing

Hot girls on the beach in St.Tropez

In bikini or topless.Hot girls blow me away!

The Right To Die



Paralyzed.Living in constant pain

To prolong such an existence is insane

Legalize euthanasia

Christian groups should do the world a favour…

And shut the f*** up!

For sheer lunacy, they win the cup.

And how would they feel if their loved ones were in agony

And were crying out to be finally free

Free from suffering

Assisted dying

Is the compassionate way.

Stop sending those who help others to prison in the U.K

Change the laws


They’re archaic

And pathetic.

A right to die….



A Break From Poetry …..Jokes!



How does a woman scare a gynaecologist?

By becoming a ventriloquist.

What did the Alabama sheriff say when he saw that the black man had been shot 15 times?

“Worse case of suicide i’ve ever seen”

What did the penis say to the condom?

Cover me i’m going in.

The  bloke was so tight at his brother’s funeral he stole the pennies off his eyes!

F.I.F.A’s Madness



F.I.F.A’ s sheer madness.They’re so out of tune.

They’ll probably award the 2030 World cup to the Moon

And increase the countries competing to 128

F.I.F.A ‘s meddling .They’ve left the men’s game in  a right state

Stand up to F.I.F.A’s bully boys is what we must do.

The fans should boycott World cup finals games.F.I.F.A f*** You!

Empty stadiums in Qatar

Mexico, The U.S and Canada

And F.I.F.A would be forced to have a serious rethink

If we allow these w*****s to control things “The Beautiful Game ” will sink

F.I.F.A’s madness .They cannot be seen to be winners

And Platini’s getting really fat on those executive dinners

I admired him as a player, now i think he’s a s***!

Blatter is a villain, should be in prison, that’s the strength of it.

F.I.F.A’s  absolute madness. F.I.F.A’s lunacy.

This world of ours has succumbed to corrupt bureaucracy

F.I.F.A’s madness

The fan’s sadness….

as they suffer in the sweltering Qatar heat.

To see their star player with the ball at his feet

Or begrudgingly make their way

From Montreal to Monterrey

Morocco a much smaller land mass.

But F.I.F.A have no brains and clearly they have no class

F.I.F.A ‘s insanity

Still 3 co hosts is the reality….

After the farce in Qatar. They want to hold that one in January

The chaos it will cause to the domestic season and the misery…..

Of a congested fixture list.

Meanwhile Blatter and co are getting p****d …..

on bottles of fine wine…

In Zurich, on these clowns call time.

F.I.F.A’s madness, F.I.F.A’s lunacy

There for the whole watching world to see……..



Psychedelic Jazz



Psychedelic Jazz is one cool c.d

Psychedelic Jazz is value for money.

Psychedelic Jazz takes me…

on the most splendid of a journey.

Psychedelic Jazz. I can’t complain.

For, i keep playing it again and again.

Psychedelic Jazz.

Not Razzmatazz.

Psychedelic Jazz is the real mc coy.

Psychedelic Jazz. Oh, boy!

Psychedelic Jazz leaves me coming back for more.

So glad i found my way, the other day, to FOPP store.

Psychedelic Jazz.

Psychedelic Jazz…..