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A Break From Poetry….Jokes



What happened when Jesus went to mount olive?

Popeye punched him

Did you hear the one about the short sighted hedgehog

He tried to mount  a hairbrush

What’s the worse thing you can say on  a plane ?

Hi! Jack

How many sexual partners do jelly babies have?

They like allsorts!


Quiet Please! Genius at Work



Genius at work wants to be left all alone

Concentrate on a masterpiece. turns off his mobile phone

The noisey traffic .he leans over to close the lounge window

And proceeds at his own speed to write an ode about Han Solo….

and Chewbacca the Wookie

No time for “Nooky”

With his beautiful young wife.

Such is the solitude of a writer’s life.

Shut away

For the best part of a day

No time to spend with his 10 year old son

An Anthology to finish and It’s only half done

His teenage daughter enters the room with her blaring radio

No distractions for this genius. Politely he tells her where to go.

Quite please! Genius at work……..

London City


LONDON_CITY_AIRPORT_SEP_2012_(8057694485) (1)_104897102_departurelounge

A stress free airport is London city

And some of the stewardesses are quite pretty

A short journey

on Docklands Light Railway

Then Europe bound you are

After  a relaxing time at the bar

London city is sublime

I’ve flown from your airport 4 times

To Luxembourg, Copenhagen,  Edinburgh, Budapest

London city. small airports put to the test

But it passes with flying colours ….be it KLM airline

IBERIA or SWISS AIR London city , mighty fine

London city

London city

Religion Is The Opium Of The Masses



As some one once said “Religion is the opium of the masses”

In some rural english village town hall, the clinking of sherry glasses.

“Well Cynthia we’ve raised a grand at the church jumble sale and here’s the proof”

“It’s great Daphne now we can contact the reverand about fixing the church’s leaking roof”

Meanwhile in Iran

A gay man

hides behind the sham of a marriage

and dreams of a post islamic state,  a new age

I was 10 when the Ayatollah swept to power

I saw him preaching on my t.v .thought he was a dodgy fella

I was proved to be right after all.

Meanwhile back to the village town hall

Slides of a recent pilgrimage to Jerusalem

To the very rafters they’re packin’ ’em in

The action switches to northern India

Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims still fighting over Kashmir

Will this world of ours ever know peace?

Only if we cause religion to cease…

And as for politicians

Send them all to prison

So there you have it , from some dreadful child abuse scandal

In Rome’s Vatican halls

To judgemental acts and persecution

Brainwashing and divine retribution

That is Religion in  a nutshell, my friend

Let’s hope in the future it will all come to an end

I’ll have a drink to that.