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Doctored Photos


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Doctored photos in  art galleries have their place

Doctored photos . The ones of animals are no disgrace

In fact some of them are quite surreal

A lot, about the artist, they do reveal

Really dig doctored photos….

Growing Old Gracefully ( Not Disgracefully) ** A Piss take!



Jagger and co prancing about in leather jeans on stage

Like some hyper active teenagers! Act your age!

Should be slurping luke warm soup and doing jigsaw puzzles

In some retirement home by the sea

The Rolling Stones how do they keep it up? the mind boggles

They should grow old gracefully

The “Selfie” Craze



The selfie craze, the selfie craze

I had hoped it was just a passing phase

Look at me everyone! I’m in the “Big Apple”

Or standing under Tower D’ Eiffel

Taken with a shit mobile phone camera

Pretending you’re a proper photographer

You are deluded. You’re just a prat!

Selfie  next to the coliseum how about that

I’m posting it on FACEBOOK later cause i’m a tragic case

Ban the selfie for good don’t want to see your ugly face



What’s So Great About Nandos



What’s so great about Nandos?

There’s one on every high st

The restaurant the peasants chose

life without roast chicken ‘aint complete

It’s as obscene as Mac- Shit!

Nandos is the pits

Could the working class english man

Go a day without meat or his beer can

I doubt it very much at all.

Restaurants close down . But Nandos won’t go to the wall

it’s far too popular sadly

Like Burger king and K.F.C

What is the appeal of Nandos?

Families filin’ in through the doors in their Primark clothes

What’s so great

Said what’s so great ’bout Nandos