Wish I Was In Paris ( Right Now)



As i gaze out my window at the bleak Eastend skyline.

I imagine i’m in “The Left Bank” and that would be divine.

All the women where i live….

Are so darn unattractive.

Junkies and Alkies as thin as a rake.

Lose me for an hour in Paris, for goodness sake.

Where the girls are stunning and impeccably dressed.

I’m in shitty Tower Hamlets. A point that should be stressed.

But in my favourite day dream….

I’m discussing Sartre by a stream….

With a beautiful


Who goes by the name of Christine.

Then we’re off to Musee Ozip Zadkine.

On le Metro.

Christine in dress, yellow.

The nicest legs i’ve seen in quite a while.

Paris, where the ladies know about style.

In my mind’s eye….

Christine and i ….

Are heading straight back to my hotel.

Then passionate love making avec le mademoiselle.

Life in Tower Hamlets is grim. If i could escape somehow.

Yes, i wish i was passing time in Paris right now.

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