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Reality Ha! I’d Rather Dream



No more soup kitchens, no more food banks

Cause the rich gave 10% to the poor.Thanks.

Science has wiped out every disease

No more plastic in the seas

Animals not hunted any more

No more “Nukes” no more war

No more murders, burglaries or rape.

In the world of dreams i can always escape




Shoplifters stole my heart.

I loved it from the very start.

The scenes were beautifully shot.

A quite fascinating plot.

A simply stunning movie that really made my day.

“Shoplifters”. Genius. That’s all i have to say…..

Save The Whale ( Part 2)



Commercial whaling in Japan….

Has to stop. An immediate ban

“Stop commercial whaling” .I hear you shout

Or those beautiful creatures will die out.

And that would be a crying shame.

The government and big business, to blame.

Commercial whaling in Japan

Let’s get together and make a stand.

Commercial whaling in japan.

Commercial whaling in Japan…..


Wish I Was In Paris ( Right Now)



As i gaze out my window at the bleak Eastend skyline.

I imagine i’m in “The Left Bank” and that would be divine.

All the women where i live….

Are so darn unattractive.

Junkies and Alkies as thin as a rake.

Lose me for an hour in Paris, for goodness sake.

Where the girls are stunning and impeccably dressed.

I’m in shitty Tower Hamlets. A point that should be stressed.

But in my favourite day dream….

I’m discussing Sartre by a stream….

With a beautiful


Who goes by the name of Christine.

Then we’re off to Musee Ozip Zadkine.

On le Metro.

Christine in dress, yellow.

The nicest legs i’ve seen in quite a while.

Paris, where the ladies know about style.

In my mind’s eye….

Christine and i ….

Are heading straight back to my hotel.

Then passionate love making avec le mademoiselle.

Life in Tower Hamlets is grim. If i could escape somehow.

Yes, i wish i was passing time in Paris right now.

Rachael and Juliet



Let me tell you about Rachael and Juliet.

The former a stunning blonde, the latter a brunette

Rachael was a columnist in  a tennis magazine

Juliet a saxophonist in the New Orleans jazz scene.

They met in  a gay bar 2 years ago.

Rachael, looking to unwind and it was so…..

As if by chance their eyes met.

Rachael was nervy, not Juliet.

Bold as brass she strolled up to the bar.

The conversation, like the beer, flowed. They left in Juliet’s sports car.

Now they’re very much in love it seems

Rachael and Juliet. The stuff of dreams.

Apart from the odd blazing row….

They’re living in perfect harmony now.

And when they do argue, they always manage to kiss and make up.

Sharing a lovely home with 2 cats and Rachael’s tennis cups.

Juliet’s away from home a lot

Next week doing a gig  at “Ronnie Scott’s”

Rachael is often really busy too.

Covering tournaments. What she has to do.

But whenever

they get together….

It’s purely magical…..Every fantasy explored.

And they never ever complain about being bored.

Rachael and Juliet

On their love life, the sun has still not set.

May they carry on necking for years.

And they met in a bar, cheers!



If An Alien Came To London



If an alien came to london and visited “Ronnie Scott’s”

He’d leave thinking the human race were a civilized lot

However if he went to a MIllwall v West Ham game

He’d be horrified

If he paid a visit to Pizza hut he’d leave feeling satisfied

If an alien came to London what impression would he have

He could visit the West End Comedy store for a good laugh

If an Alien

Came to london……

Uncle Sadam



Sadam turned Mustard gas on the Kurdish people

SAdam did this because he was thoroughly evil

But the atrocities of Sadam

are also the atrocities of “Uncle Sam”

For they installed him there in the first place….

To fight Iran .The CIA are  a disgrace

Good riddance to Sadam

But still we’re left with “Uncle Sam”

The powers that be

Are rotten, you see

Sadam, Sadam

In bed with “Uncle Sam”

That is the truth my friend

And now this ode has come to an end