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The “Who Says Tokyo’s Expensive?” Ode



Sake bowls, chopsticks, bargains galore.

Lead me straight to the 100 Yen store

So much variety and you can’t argue with the price.

Quality to match. A  real retail Paradise

Who could want for more

The 100 yen store

Dave from Leighton Buzzard really does adore….

The “Daiso” chain of 100 yen store

The 100 yen store

The 100 yen store….

Heidi is a Model



Heidi’s a model. This month’s “Vogue” cover girl.

Heidi’s a model. Hers is a glamourous world.

Heidi’s a model who simply won’t wear fur.

Her boyfriend Karl’s a striker in the Bundesliga.

Heidi’s a model with a weakness for pure cocaine.

Heidi’s a model. A fashion shoot in the London rain.

She really digs New York and Paris as well.

She oozes self confidence, can’t you just tell.

Heidi’s a model.

This year’s choice for “Bond girl”.

Heidi is  a model. To get this far, more than a slice of good luck.

Heidi is a model. Her legs insured for a million bucks.

One day a “paparazzi” really did piss off Karl.

It made the headlines in the tabloids, for he got physical.

Heidi’s a model.

Said, Heidi’s a model.

Appearing on Oprah Winfrey soon, should do the trick….

To promote her brand of cruelty free cosmetics.

Heidi is a model.

Yes, Heidi is a model…..



Gordon Banks (Many Thanks)



The truly legendary Gordon Banks.

We have that Chesterfield production line to thank.

That he didn’t win even more England caps is a mystery.

The save from Pele will go down in history.

Gordon Banks a World cup winner.

Remembered fondly from Stoke to Pinner.

Gordon Banks you lived the dream…

Played for England’s greatest ever team.

Under the stewardship of Alf Ramsay.

Gordon Banks, many thanks. R.I.P




Emilio Sala never kicked a ball….

For Cardiff city. His plane crashed into the English channel.

He could’ve taken the Premiership by storm.

But for the good to die young, is the norm.

Now, in a small Argentinian town, they grieve.

Life sucks sometimes. This is what i believe.

Emilio Sala never even kicked a ball….

For Cardiff city. But he left his mark on supporters one and all.

Emilio Sala….

May have been a huge star.

We’ll never know.

At Nantes they felt the body blow.

Emilio Sala never even kicked a football….

In the Premiership but made an impact on us all.

Emilio Sala never even kicked a football for Cardiff city….

He could’ve won “Goal of the month” on “Match of the day”. More’s the pity.

Emilio Sala R.I.P