Monthly Archives: January 2019

The Queen(part 2)


The Queen

The Queen’s a drain on the tax payer.

With an almighty axe they should slay her.

Then the idiotic sycophants who call in to L.B.C….

Would have to find something else to talk about , believe me.

50 Today!



50 today, i’m 50 wahey!

Only an Earthquake could ruin my day.

50 today.

I’m 50 today.

The world revolves around me.

‘Though just for a day. More’s the pity.

Half  a century not out.

That’s something worth shouting about.

Today i turn 50 folks.

I’ll end this ode with a joke.

You know you’re getting old for goodness sake…

When the candles weigh more than the cake!

Reach Out To Yemen



Reach out to Yemen

Won’t you reach out to Yemen

scenes of devestation

on our televisions

Reach out to Yemen. Show them you care.

For there’s a  real humanitarian crisis there

If you walk down the  average high st

And an aid worker with  a bucket you should meet.

Raising awareness for Yemen.

You could do worse than throw  a fiver in.

I mean do you really need a fiver more

Than those suffering the aftermath of  an awful war

Reach out to Yemen

Reach out to Yemen