Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Part 2**Autobiographical)



I was a child prodigy.

Can’t believe what’s happened to me.

I went to a bad school.

I was bullied .So uncool.

Now here i am years later, institutionalized.

All that potential  that wasn’t realized.

Now i’m nearly 50 at life’s crossroads.

Still can’t shake off this E postcode.

Not getting nearly enough sex.

My life is f*****g complex.

And i’m still taking medication.More’s the pity.

Maybe i should’ve moved to a smaller city.

To much competition for creative types here.

And london is the single capital. think i need a few beers….

to drown away all my sorrows….

But i haven’t given up on my tomorrows.

Maintain that sunny persona, despite everything.

One day i’ll rule the Art world. one day i will be King.

My 50’s could be my “Golden Age”

When i present myself on life’s glittering stage.

Then i’ll look back one glorious night…..

From some stunning babe’s bed and say “Where did it all go so right?”


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