Jonathan and Kate


“You’re not a nice person  Jonathon”

“The mother of all break ups….”

“You keep saying i’m fat”

“You’re not a nice person Jonathon”

“You’re racist and homophobic”

“And you think you’re where it’s at”

“You’re all ego…”

“Don’t you know”

“My best friend Susan…”

“Saw you kick a tramp Jonathon…”

“Only Yesterday.”

“Someone’s gonna make you pay….one day”

“’til that day comes Jonathon….”

“Don’t mind me while i shack up with Susan”

“She’ll be the kind of lover….”

“That you never were”

“Caring and what’s more, sensitive”

“I feel sorry for the next girl you end up with”

“For, you’re a ba***** Jonathon, if you know what i mean”

“Now feel free to delete this message from your answer machine”

“The 5 years i spent with you, i did suffocate”

“Now, so happy to move on, your ex, Kate!”

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