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Xena Warrior Princess

Armed with mighty sword, in battle dress.

Crystal blue eyes.

Such nice thighs.

Thwarting the bad guys.

Xena Warrior Princess.

She always did impress.

Xena Warrior Princess.

Lost in France



Here i am again.Lost in Provence.

But relishing the ambience.

I stumble across a quaint cafe.

An hour or so i while away.

A stunning Mademoiselle by the name of Sylvie….

Joins me at my table. Soon we are talking freely.

Talking about great Art.Talking about the weather.

Munching on a brie baguette. Tire of this life never.

Sylvie invites me back to her home.

A quite elegant place, with photos of rome…

in  a gold frame in her lounge.

Her cat Sophie is on the scrounge.

So Sylvie gets some meat from the fridge in the kitchen.

Soon, into something more comfortable, she’s slippin’

A glint in her eye

As i stroke her thigh.

I kiss her pretty hand cups her right breast.

Soon we head for the can guess the rest.

And to think if i hadn’t been lost in Provence.

On the way to a gallery, seizing my chance.

Scintillating Sylvie . A stab at romance.

I returned home to England and sent her a letter.

Good ol’ Bonnie Tyler couldn’t have put it better.

“Lost in France, in love….”

All That You Can Leave Behind



I found my ABBA c.d.I found my door key.

Now, where the Hell did i leave my legacy?

My unrecognized genius, to me, is a mystery.

I want to be like Picasso and go down in history.

I want to be famous. I want to be a star.

The topic of conversation in some seedy bar.

I found my bus pass.I found my trilby.

Now, where on Earth did i leave my legacy?