Macauley, Macauley, Macauley, Macauley

He couldn’t believe Arsenal had played so poorly.

Losing 2 nil to Man.U at The Emirates.

And the Gunners had been on  good form of late.

On a 10 match winning streak.

They won 3 nil in the F.A cup last week.

But Sanchez, Mata and co are ripping them apart.

Meanwhile at the burger bar Macauley really looks the part….

In his impressive shiny uniform.

Don’t worry Macauley, losing to Man U is the norm…..

For a “Gooner”

Macauley is a peer mentor twice weekly in the Eastend.

Macauley has mental health issues, Macauley is my friend.

Macauley lives in Westbourne Park, so.

He saw Grenfell go up in flames, from his lounge window.

I’m sure he would have shed a  few tears.

Macauley loves his coffee and the odd beer.

Macauley has been a roadsweeper in the past.

And  a D.J too. That must have been a blast!

Macauley has met Alex Scott.

He must have been thrilled, for she is hot!

Macauley ‘though only turned 50 is a grandad.

His beloved Arsenal  ‘aint half bad.

They just struggle against Man .U that’s all.

But Macauley Francis walks tall.

Macauley, Macauley, your sunny persona….

Will win many people over.





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