“Hooray! I’ve Discovered LIDL’S”



Joe used to shop at Sainsbury’s .that’s why he’s always broke.

£1.40 for a pot of hummus. That’s a f*****g joke!

Joe used to shop at Sainsbury’s. His horizon then was bleak.

Now he’s bought a 2nd hand motor with the savings he makes every week.

Joe used to pay too much “Dough” for a loaf of bread.

Now his finances are in the black. not in the red.

Just a short bus ride to a shopper’s paradise.

Mushroom risotto for 1 cheap at the price.

Stuff for the home as well.

Mop and bucket.LIDL’s is swell.

And  what’s more, strong carrier bags that don’t pinch the fingers.

On grocery day with his hard earned pay and bargains that make Joe linger.

Joe’s discovered LIDL’s no wonder he’s so happy.

No more being ripped off at Sainsbury’s .That really is crappy.

Joe’s discovered LIDL’s

Joe’s discovered LIDL’s.

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